First memecoin distributed thru Farcaster Frames


$GUAC is a based memecoin and the first daily faucet coin that is widely distributed towards 🔵Base enjoyoors via Farcaster Frames. Distribution mechanics inspired by old school faucet coins -- who here remembers the BTC 0.01 drip?

GUAC Emission CurveGUAC Emission CurveGUAC Emission Curve

The point is just to have fun while claiming some free $GUAC. I even LP'd some ETH into a V2 pool if you want to dump on me. The LP tokens are burnt so there is at least some initial value floor to sell $GUAC into.

*UPDATE*: Faucet has ended forever.

Token Info

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The goal of $GUAC is to be a memecoin (shitcoin) that is fair and widely distributed to the Base community via faucet mechanics. There are no unlocks, no vesting -- just one big ass faucet to claim daily. Let's have some fun.

The total distribution of all 420M $GUAC:

GUAC Distribution

I put up free liquidity into a V2 pool (burned all the LP tokens) for you to dump $GUAC into.

How do I claim $GUAC?

To claim, you simply need a Farcaster account and to have an Ethereum wallet address connected to your account.

Follow these steps to claim $GUAC:

  1. Login to Warpcast
  2. Goto @dailofrog's cast
  3. Press [Claim $GUAC] button within the frame
  4. Redirect to this site (guac.cool/claim), connect wallet and press button to execute txn

If you don't have an account, Warpcast is now free for most users.

Note: Although we'd like to be able to sponsor gas and for everyone to able to claim 100% within the Frame, unfortunately we just can't afford to pay for all the gas. For now, the onchain claim transaction must be done off Farcaster, but once they add in-Frame wallet transactions (soon hopefully), we will definitely move towards that for better UX.

How does the $GUAC faucet work?

You are able to claim free $GUAC every 24-hours through the frame. The point of having all of the tokens distributed within the faucet is to allow $GUAC to be spread freely, widely and gradually towards the community.

The faucet follows this emission curve, with claimable amounts decreasing over time:

GUAC Emission Curve

Can $GUAC by sybilled?

Hopefully not, but you never know with these nerds...

Claiming is done thru a signed-message system that is generated by user interactions within a Warpcast frame, account is required. Cool-off timers are also contract-enforced to prevent claiming more than once a day (Faucet Contract).


GUAC is a ERC-20 token created as a memecoin on the Base network, a Layer 2 solution of Ethereum. It is important for potential users and holders to understand that GUAC is not a financial security or investment. It is a fun, community-driven token with no inherent monetary value and should be treated as such. The value of GUAC, like many digital tokens, especially those considered memecoins, is highly volatile and can fluctuate widely. There is no guarantee of value, and it is possible that the value of GUAC could drop to zero. Holders should be prepared for the possibility of the value of GUAC going to zero. This token is for entertainment and community engagement purposes only and should not be considered a financial or investment instrument.